Who we are

Cornerstone was born out of the journey and vision of four couples in the Kalona area.  

Cornerstone was launched with the desire to be an authentic community church, filled with grace and humility. Our vision is to be a group of people growing together in our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Many people have been hurt by previous church experiences, while others have no church background at all.  We want Cornerstone to be a safe place where people feel loved and accepted, regardless of their background.




Building a Community of Christ Followers


Know Christ, Teach Truth, Live Grace,

Love People, and Pray Faithfully

Our Core Values:

  • We make Jesus Christ central

  • We teach the truth and apply grace

  • We are a house of prayer that depends on the Holy Spirit

  • We grow together in faith and practice

  • We care for each other and show Christ's love to everyone

Our Beliefs and Doctrinal Positions:

TRIUNE GOD: We understand the Godhead to consist of God the Father, God the Son, & God the Holy Spirit, three distinct beings, yet one in purpose, heart, and holiness.

REDEMPTION: We believe that God sent His Son to experience the fallen world as a man and pay the penalty for our sins through His death. He is the only way to restoration with God.

HOLY SPIRIT: We believe in the active work of the Holy Spirit in drawing people to Jesus Christ and empowering the believer to live a life that honors Christ. The presence of the Holy Spirit is evidenced by the fruit of the Spirit. The supernatural manifestations are only reliable when they are in agreement with scripture and consistent with the fruit of the Spirit.

BIBLE: We believe that the Bible was inspired by God, penned by men, is accurate, and relevant to every generation. We accept the Genesis account of creation and original sin. The Bible is the revelation of God and His plan of redemption through Jesus Christ.

FAITH DECLARATIONS: We practice water baptism and communion as tangible declarations of our faith in the redemptive work of Christ.

MARRIAGE: We believe marriage to be an institution ordained by God. It is a lifelong covenant between one man and one woman and is the only Biblical context for sexual relationships and bearing children.

CHRISTIAN CONDUCT: We believe that the Lordship of Jesus Christ permeates every area of our lives and that we are called to walk in humble obedience to Him, with grace and understanding towards others.

CHURCH: We believe that the Church is made up of those who have experienced salvation in Jesus Christ and have a relationship with Him. We share the Gospel and grow together in Christ, through prayer, study of the Word, and relationship. We are called to share in our spiritual gifts and abilities for the purpose of building the church, in unity, under Christ. The membership at Cornerstone church is defined by relationship. Those who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ, are attending regularly, and consider Cornerstone Community Church as their home church are considered as members. We welcome all people, regardless of background, to worship and grow with us.

LEADERSHIP STRUCTURE: Cornerstone Community Church is led by Elders; men who are called by Christ to serve the church. Each Elder fills a unique role, but none of them has prominent authority. It is the responsibility of the Elders to cast vision, teach, preach, disciple, counsel, pray, and administrate the ministries of the church. Any Elder may be involved in any ministry, but each will find themselves more suited to certain roles than others. Leader selection is based on the Biblical model of recognizing the gifts in people and then appointing them to the work that God has called them to as they are willing to partner in the work of the church. The leadership positions of the church will be held by those who are known to be committed to Jesus Christ and the building of His church.

We understand the imperfect nature of a man-made list. We make no claims of inerrancy or comprehensive understanding in this attempt. There are aspects of our faith that are not addressed here. We encourage a personal study of the Bible and relationship with Jesus Christ.