Sometimes I wonder why sleep is necessary. Why didn't God make us capable of running for 24 hours a day without the need to rest and sleep? Think of all the things that we could accomplish! Is rest really so important?

I tend to associate tiredness and the need for rest with a broken world that is deeply flawed because of sin, but the fact is that rest and night time were established before the fall. God created a perfect world in six days and then He rested on the seventh day.

Why would God chose to rest? He is unlimited in His energy and power. He has no lack that needed to be filled. He is so complete that there is literally nothing that a day of rest could have added to Him; yet He rested. He carefully and clearly established a pattern for His people; that we should build a rhythm of rest into our lives, and it is part of His perfect plan for creation before it was affected by sin.

I don't pretend to understand all the reasons why God designed rest, but I know pretending that we don't need it has bad affects on all of us. Nobody can function the way we were intended to without resting. When we get tired, our whole personality can change. We're easily confused, easily angered, easily tempted, and most of what comes out of our weariness just plays into the agenda of the enemy of our souls.

So get some rest if you're tired! Sleep. Read a book. Take a walk. If you have discovered a way that recharges your batteries, then do that regularly. Don't wait until you're trying to repair damage you've done because of your weariness. 

One day, our work here on earth will be over and we will enter our eternal rest. We will be in a place where night is unnecessary because our new bodies won't get tired. Until we get there: get some rest. The universe doesn't depend on our relentless productivity. 

My Prayer: Lord thank you for the gift of rest! Forgive me for acting like I am too important to rest. Help me to stop and enjoy the seasons of rest before I become an easy target for the enemy. Thank you for the promise of eternal rest and we look forward to it!

Floyd Yutzy