DO IT AGAIN (Part 1)

I’d like to take several of these articles and tell a few of the stories of revival that I’ve come across in recent years. Every time I read these stories, I find myself asking God to “do it again”.

I don't believe that we need a replication of the stories or the events of past revivals, but we do need the same move of God’s Holy Spirit, convicting the church of its sin and apathy. We need a time of purification that results in personal consecration. We need a demonstration of God’s power in the church again!

One of the many reasons that I know we need revival is how disinterested people are in ever experiencing personal revival. The apathy towards deep, intimate, and life changing encounters with God is Exhibit A of just how badly we need a nationwide stirring in the Christian church that sets us on fire!

I don’t know of any revival that has had as long lasting affects as the Protest Reformation. Luther is generally credited with beginning this revival, but a closer look at history shows that God’s Spirit was burning in a number of men during that era and if Luther had never nailed his 95 thesis to the door of All Saints Church, the reformation would have happened in some form or another. It was a time of great stirring and repenting of what had happened to Christ’s church.

Many suffered and even gave their lives for a faith that burned in their hearts. They struggled with connecting their present reality to New Testament Christianity, and didn’t always get it right, but when the revival fires had cooled a hundred years later the church would never be the same.  Christianity had again reclaimed a simple expression of church and clarity on the gospel.

Lord, would You stir Your church again with a holy discontentment? Give us dissatisfaction for the apathy we feel in our own hearts and see in the believers around us. Begin with me! Place a fresh zeal in my heart towards You and Your church!

Floyd Yutzy