(By Wanda Stutzman)


This is our high-school ministry that meets every Wednesday night. We are primarily geared toward kids in grades 9-12, but have opened our doors to older kids if they’re interested. Currently we have kids attending from at least 5 different churches, including Cornerstone. We love the variety of church backgrounds and would love to see more unchurched kids also participating in youth group.

Youth group is made up of a variety of activities, including Bible Study, usually taught by Leon, community outreach/projects, and fun, relationship building nights. We are currently going through the book of Matthew at Bible study.

We are planning a bus trip to the Creation Museum and the Ark in Petersburg and Williamstown, KY on July 26-28. We are looking forward to a lot of good times and opportunities to build relationships on that trip.

As the size of our youth group increases, we see the need to be training/mentoring young people to step into the role of leadership and grow their faith and learn practical skills in the process. This summer, we have three college-age young people from Cornerstone helping us set up an internship program that will begin in August and require a year-long commitment. We are really excited about this program and see that long term not only will it give us some assistance in youth group but also raise up leaders equipped to take on leadership roles.

We are anticipating meeting with these interns on a regular basis and mentoring them in their relationship with Jesus. The interns will be expected to help plan, organize, and lead all 4G activities and events. You must be out of high school to be part of the internship. You will need to commit to up to 10 hours a week towards this program, whether that be in actual participation on Wednesday nights, or reading books/listening to messages on leadership development, or meeting one-on-one with Leon or Wanda. We’ll have the entire registration process available on our website soon.

You can check in with what we’re up to on Wednesday nights by following us on Instagram @ 4gyouthministries.


This is our college-age/young adult group that meets one Sunday a month at Leon & Wanda’s for lunch. As we gather around the table over food, we have a subject chosen ahead of time for group discussion. This can be a lively time of sharing opinions or answering thought-provoking questions. Jacob and Dorcas Potsander assist with this ministry.

Currently, Jacob and Dorcas are also leading a 9 week teaching series on Single, Dating, Engaged, and Married by Ben Stuart (Breakaway Ministries) on Saturday nights after church at the downtown building.

If you have any questions about any of these ministries, feel free to talk to Leon or Wanda. In case you haven’t noticed, Cornerstone is made up of a high percentage of young people and our desire is to see them invest in the lives of others, whether that is in leadership roles or otherwise. Please pray for the young people of Cornerstone and that God could do His work in their hearts.