(by Wanda Stutzman)

Last week I talked briefly about fear. This week the same topic is on my mind. It may be because we just had a thunderstorm and the forecast looked like it could get a little crazy before it’s all over. I used to be afraid of thunderstorms. Deathly afraid. I was especially afraid of wind. I had a very harrowing experience in a windstorm once and I carried tremendous fear from that experience for many years.

Today I was outside weeding my flowerbeds as the angry looking clouds swirled around above me. I went inside just as the storm hit, going out on the porch several times to watch the rain and the wind.

An interesting side note:I married someone who loves storms. Leon would put me and our 4 little kids safely in the basement then go outside to watch the storm. It made me so angry. So we’re all safe but he’s going to die?! (insert eye roll)

I can’t tell you exactly when my fear of storms subsided, but I do know that as I began the healing process of dealing with pain and hurts from my past, some things that were once so big to me, became smaller and smaller until one day, I realized it wasn’t a big deal anymore. I’ll probably never stand outside if a tornado is headed my way, but somehow i don’t think that’s so very abnormal.

Dealing with our issues is a long, sometimes painful process. It’s easy to become discouraged when we see little or no progress. But baby steps are better than none, and 2 steps forward and one backwards is better than not going forward at all.

Are you gripped with paralyzing fear towards something? Ask Jesus to take away that fear and replace it with trust. Trust in Him and His goodness. The fear may not disappear overnight, but as you continue to ask God for strength and help, you may be surprised to find out one day, that the fear is gone.