Elaine and I recently attended a "Day of Renewal" at Chicago Tabernacle that was hosted by Strategic Renewal. Strategic Renewal is the parent ministry that started the 6:4 Fellowship of pastors that I've been a part of for the past 6 1/2 years. 

Over the years I've made some friends in the 6:4 Fellowship and our time in Chicago was a time of reconnecting with a number of friends and making new friendships. The conversations were encouraging and I left there excited to be a part of a group that is so committed to prayer and the ministry of the Word. I also found my burden for prayer rekindled and strengthened.

It shouldn't be unusual for Christians to make prayer a priority, but sadly most people prioritize nearly anything else in their lives besides prayer. I've noticed that almost anything is an excuse to avoid praying. If a meal is planned, people adjust their schedules to make sure that they can be there, but if a prayer meeting is planned most people look for a reason why they can't make it.

The great need of Christianity today is not more programs, better buildings or more teaching. The great need for believers in our day to be filled with the supernatural power of God's Spirit in their lives. He invites us to experience Him as we pray, He promises to hear our requests when we pray and He fills our hearts with the power to live for Him when we pray. 

Yet we don't really pray.

I'm convinced that our pride is the number one reason that we don't make prayer a priority in our lives. We are so self-sufficient and we don't understand our need; so we don't cry out to God. Our lack of prayer betrays a proud, self-sufficient heart. We value comfort more than laboring in prayer.

If we could see into the spiritual realms around us for an instant, we would see a battle being waged over the souls of mankind and we would suddenly have a new framework to interpret the events of our lives, and believe me, we would pray like we have never prayed before! You desperately need the protection and power of God in your life. Are you asking Him for it?

We are in a battle! Pray!

Floyd Yutzy