(by Wanda Stutzman)

Recently I had the privilege to attend my daughters’ dance performance. It was a small event with three different age groups of girls represented. When the youngest group performed their dance, I was struck with the beauty of these little girls, ages 4-6, dancing and worshiping their Creator, completely uninhibited. They had yet to experience that need for approval, that craving for acceptance, or that fear of failure.

It was so beautiful, watching them move across the stage, sometimes in step with the rest of the group, sometimes clearly doing their own thing, but always with a joy and child-like energy that came from a pure, untainted heart.

I couldn’t help but think that’s how we all used to be. Perhaps once upon a very long time ago, we also worshipped and moved and lived and breathed in complete adoration of our Savior, not caring what anyone thought.

Jesus talked multiple times about grownups becoming like children. He knew we needed that message. To return to how things were before we knew so much, before we’d lost so much, or before we’d felt so much.

Loving Jesus is not a performance. We don’t even have to get it right. He just wants our complete adoration and trust, knowing that we are safe and cared for when we’re with Him. Forget about who may be watching. Love Him and serve Him out of a heart that knows it’s been forgiven and is loved no matter what. Get back to the simplicity of the Gospel message, where there are no strings attached and no conditions to meet. Bask in your Father’s love today.

Wanda Stutzman