Today I was in the mood to listen to some good preaching. I pulled up a Christian radio station, that is known for it's sound Bible preaching, and broke in part way through a message that sounded pretty good, but I missed the first part. The next preacher centered his message around his views of the Thousand Year Reign and the Millennium. I sighed and kept listening.

The preacher after him had a message about all the times in history when God has preserved the nation of Israel and his views on why God has preserved them and how it will affect the end times. At some point, towards the end of that message, I wasn't in the mood for preaching any more and I switched to a music station. 

I wanted to sit both of those men down and say, "you had a half hour to talk to thousands of people across the nation today, and you picked this?!" Two of my pet peeves with preaching are when someone uses their time to spout personal opinion on controversial or irrelevant matters and when preachers use their time to make the Bible boring. I find them both guilty of the first one.

Bill Gaither used to sing a song that had this line in it: "I don't want to spend my life singing songs that answer questions that nobody's even asking anyhow". I love that sentiment and wish I could take back every time when I was so full of my answers that I missed people's questions.

What questions are the people around you asking? If you're a parent, what are your kids wondering about? What are your friends struggling with? Will we stop and listen?

My prayer today is this: "Lord, give us ears that are open, hearts that are sensitive, and words that are seasoned with love and wisdom." 

Floyd Yutzy