I just returned from a prayer summit for church leaders. For 48 hours there were about 25 church leaders together at Eastern Iowa Bible Camp and we only had one primary thing on the agenda: Prayer. We incorporated scripture, music, and a little bit of personal sharing, but it was all with the intent to encounter God in prayer.

I found myself going into this time with problems and questions swirling around my mind. I really wanted to get some answers to questions in my mind and I felt the rising tension in my own heart to not waste this time. I wanted to be able to point to some clear word that I had received from God in these several days to make all the questions go away.

What I really heard the clearest was, "shhhh..... peace. Be still." I realized that I would never hear the whisper of God's voice if my mind was full of my own problems and thoughts. As I began to understand that God wanted to just bring calm and peace to my heart, I could feel my muscles relax and the anxieties slide away. I just needed to be silent.

As we sat in unhurried silence and listening, the Holy Spirit began to direct our prayers towards the power of God at work in our lives. I sensed Him saying that He wants to show His power in all of the problems that occupy my mind, but when I'm frantically trying to solve them, I don't experience His power, because I'm doing it on my own power.

This is stuff that we all know, but sometimes we need to be reminded. 

How is your heart right now? Are you consumed with the problems and challenges in your life? Instead of wearing yourself out trying to run your life; block out some time to just spend with Jesus in unhurried silence and worship. If you say that you don't have the time, I'll tell you that you are the one who needs it the most. Don't wait for that space to magically open up for you. Make plans for it without apology or excuses, and don't give up until you've felt the peace of God calm your heart. 

Silence is one of the most important spiritual disciplines we need, but is so rare in our day. It's free. Take advantage of it! 

If you need some coaching let me know. There are people who have helped me develop my prayer life and I would do the same for anyone else.

Floyd Yutzy