If you had even one sibling, you've had these words come out of your mouth: "it's not fair". In all the years of seeing kids try that arguement on their parents, I have yet to see a parent look at their child and say, "Thanks for pointing that out Jr. I certainly don't want to be unfair so we'll do it your way and make sure that it seems fair to you." 

Any good parent know that the best way to deal with a kid demanding fairness is to refuse to be manipulated by a selfish, limited view of justice. As parents, we have a whole different perspective that informs our decisions and when our kids can't see that perspective they think we're acting unjustly and that we should change immediately. Wise parents make decisions that don't always feel fair to the kids.

You see where I'm going with this, don't you?

We have a perfect Father who has given us all unique personalities, opportunities, bodies, abilities, and gifts. We compare ourselves with those who have more of something than we do and we whine, "it's not fair!"

Keller says, "If we would know what God knows, we would chose what He chose". It's hard for me to understand, but if I could get God's perspective on my life, I would chose to bless me with exactly as much as He has blessed me with. Since I can't see it from God's perspective, He just asks me to trust Him in faith.

I need His grace, more than ever, to stop the selfish comparison game and trust His sovereignty. I can't do it without His Spirit working in my heart. We all would be better people if we would invite Him to change our hearts in this area.

Floyd Yutzy