I heard this question recently: "If God answered all your prayers tomorrow, would it change anyone's life besides yours?" 

It made me stop and think about how many of my prayers are directed at making my life more comfortable instead of being directed at helping others find freedom in their lives. If someone listened to us pray what would they believe is important to us? 

One of the common themes in Paul's letters to the various churches is that he was often praying for them and sometimes he invited them to pray for him, but he rarely indicates that he spent much time praying for himself. There are a couple places where we see him praying for a personal concern, but most of his prayers came out of his love for people. 

The other thing that Paul's letters model for us is that it's good to let people know that we are praying for them and how we're praying for them. He was often very specific about what he was asking God for on their behalf. In several places he even says that he can't stop praying for them! The burden for his friends was so intense that he just couldn't get it off his mind.

What if we prayed for each other like that? The next time you really have someone on your mind, maybe God is asking you to intercede for them. Drop them a text or note and let them know what you are praying for them. It could be the moment God uses to help them find new freedom in their lives!

Floyd Yutzy