This is part three of a series that I've titled "Idols To Destroy". I am defining an idol as anything that replaces God in our hearts. It's when we expect something to deliver things that can really only come from God. Idols begin with a carving (something that we design and manipulate for our own purposes) and they end with disillusioned hearts.


"GOAT" doesn't just refer to smelly animaIs that chew everything to shreds anymore. Now it also means "Greatest Of All Time" as in: Is Tom Brady the GOAT quarterback? Is Michael Jordan the GOAT in the NBA? Because somehow it really seems to matter who the best is.

I recently read of an interview with Tom Brady, who currently has five Super Bowl rings, hundreds of millions of dollars, a super model wife, world wide fame, and nearly everything else that our culture measures success by. He made this revealing statement: "This couldn't be all there is. There has to be something more"

The idol of "best" is an insatiable monster that demands so much from us and gives back so little. It takes our energy, our money, our friendships, and our emotional health. If we managed to achieve "the best" status in any area, we would find ourselves fearful and alone. Fearful that someone might do it better than us and alone because we've hurt so many people to get there.

Not to be confused with the drive for excellence (which is God given) the drive to be the best is looking for validation and worth through performance. We think that our failure to be the best is a statement on our worth.

Celebrating someone's success, in an area that you want to be the best in, is a great way to tear this idol down. If you find yourself constantly tearing someone down who is better looking, funnier, wealthier, or happier; you might want to address the criticism for what it is: the bowing down to the idol of "best". 

I challenge you to think of someone who has succeeded in an area that you wish you were the best at. Say a prayer for that person and ask God to continue blessing them and then ask Him to set you free from the tyranny of striving to be the best.

Floyd Yutzy