This is part two of a series that I've titled "Idols To Destroy". I am defining an idol as anything that replaces God in our hearts. It's when we expect something to deliver things that can really only come from God. Idols begin with a carving (something that we design and manipulate for our own purposes) and they end with disillusioned hearts.


One of the most worn out phrases in the last 30 years has been: "get out of your comfort zone". It's too bad that it's gotten so over-used because a lot of us tune it out without admitting our need to actually get out of that comfortable spot we're in, so that we can get something accomplished. 

We love comfort and we expect comfort to love us back. - It doesn't though.

Comfort actually demands more comfort and it kind of feels like a friend but it can actually turn out to be a thief. It can rob us of our potential and turn us into lazy, self-centered people.  

Obviously, the answer isn't to be intentionally uncomfortable. The way to destroy this idol is to be intentional about loving people well. When our love for people is stronger than our need for comfort, we are free from the demands of the idol of comfort.

What is it that you would like to do, but the effort it would take, or the potential embarrassment is paralyzing you? I challenge you to intentionally say "no" to that safe, comfortable spot and love someone enough to "get out of your comfort zone".

Floyd Yutzy