I am beginning another series that I've titled "Idols To Destroy". I am defining an idol as anything that replaces God in our hearts. It's when we expect something to deliver things that can really only come from God. Idols begin with a carving (something that we design and manipulate for our own purposes) and they end with disillusioned hearts.


The first idol that needs to be destroyed is the idol of Control; that insatiable desire to be in charge of our lives and the lives of people around us. We scheme and we manipulate people all for the purpose of control. We expect this idol to deliver security to our hearts. 

Some of the symptoms of this idol are anger, dishonesty, manipulation, and depression. Anger comes when we see the control threatened and depression comes when we lose control. We try to prop the idol up by manipulating others and sacrifice our integrity just to stay in control  .

The idol of control is there because we need security but we don't trust our Heavenly Father to provide for our future. Our fear of the unknown gets us to jump in the drivers seat and do our best to determine our future. 

No idol can ever deliver what they promise; and control is only an illusion. If we'd just admit the truth, we'd know that there are a million things, out of our control, that could happen in an instant and change our lives dramatically. Whether we like it or not, we're never really in control, so we should stop pretending that we are.

The best way to tear the idol down is to recognize it and realize how impossible it is for us to fully control our lives. We need to ask God to give us peace about the future. When we repent of this idol, we turn to trust. We choose to rest in the sovereignty of God and trust His heart for us. He is the only true source of security.

Floyd Yutzy