Several people have told me recently about a guy who is convinced (based on his numerology) that September 23rd, 2017 is the day when the world will come to an end. I looked briefly at his argument and quickly decided that it was a waste of time to pay much attention to it. I fully expect to still be here on September 24th.

In my lifetime there have been so many of these kinds of predictions. Some of them made enough sense to get a lot of attention. Others are so bizarre that it's easy to instantly recognize them as sensationalism and attention grabbing. Invariably, someone points out that Jesus said that no man, not even Jesus, knows when the world will end and Christ will return. (Matthew 24:36) I always wonder how these self-proclaimed prophets explain that they have more knowledge than Jesus.

I remember sitting in church, as a young boy, and hearing the preacher say that the young boys (who were all sitting together) would not grow old enough to have families, because the end was so near. Imagine what was going through my young mind at the time. 

That preacher eventually died and I'm still here.

Scripture points to at least two lies that will circulate about the return of Christ:

- One is that men can figure it out. Jesus clearly said that when people make those kinds of claims to know, we should avoid them and not follow after them.

- The second lie is addressed in II Peter 3 where we are told that people will scoff the idea of Christ's return. They'll argue that things have been this way for so long that they will never change.

The truth is that one day Christ will return and time will end here on earth. There are too many promises of that event to ignore it. If we knew what was going to follow that event, for those of us who are believers, we'd wake up every morning and beg God to come right away. We are told that it will be better than we could possibly imagine.

So I don't pay a lot of attention to the doomsday prophets. I'm not anticipating a day of doom for myself. What I am anticipating is a day when we are set free from all of the affects of sin and we experience absolute and total freedom from all of the pain of life. It will be glorious!

Floyd Yutzy