This is part four of a series that I've titled "Idols To Destroy". I am defining an idol as anything that replaces God in our hearts. It's when we expect something to deliver things that can really only come from God. Idols begin with a carving (something that we design and manipulate for our own purposes) and they end with disillusioned hearts.


Imagine a large stone idol in ancient times. It sits high on a block wall. It has two faces, one looks towards one side of the wall while the second face looks toward the other side of the wall. The worshipers who come to bow down to this idol are unable to see that they are bowing down to the same idol as the people on the other side of the wall. One side has a sign that reads, "MORE". The other side has a sign that reads, "LESS". The idol's real name is "QUANTITY" Both sides of worshipers are convinced that their god will deliver contentment to their restless hearts.

Those who bow to "LESS" are sure that self-denial, and living with the minimal amount of comforts will bring them freedom from consumerism. They are wrong. Minimalistic living tends to make people proud and constantly restless in their pursuit of an identity.

Those who bow to "MORE" are a little easier to spot. They are driven to accumulate more of everything. More money, more compliments, more fame, more food, more, more and more. It is never enough for them. The restlessness in their heart will never be satisfied with more.

The truth is that contentment and joy are not tied to a quantity of anything. They are tied to a deep trust in Jesus Christ. Trying to answer our heart's need for contentment through quantity is an endless pursuit that will leave us constantly unhappy and dissatisfied with life.

 So spend time with Him. Learn to enjoy the blessings you have as gifts from Him. Ask Him to fill you so full that you lose your appetite for anything else. It is there that contentment is found.

Floyd Yutzy