If you have opinion overload from the story that developed this past weekend in Charlottesville, VA, then you might want to quit reading right now and go back to whatever it was that you were doing before you started reading this piece, because I'm going to take a little bit of space and offer my own perspective.

Every culture develops it's own set of morals. Sometimes these morals align with God's morals and sometimes they run counter to God's morals. The believers in Christ need to be discerning in how much they just align themselves with any group of people or political viewpoint. It's a mistake to assume that one group is all right and the other group is all wrong.

The recent events in Charlottesville is a classic example of what I'm talking about:

One group commits an evil by asserting their superiority and it's easy to recognize the anti-Christian rhetoric in their message. The second group makes the argument that they are victims of injustice and build their whole identity on their victim status. Both of them are self-absorbed and fully ready to inflict pain on other people in order to be heard.

Both sides become blinded by their own pride. That pride drives people to rationalize all kinds of evil. Wars are started and fought because of the blinding tyranny of pride, and countless lives have been lost through history because of these kinds of conflicts. The worst of human nature always comes out in people who see themselves as better than others and those who see themselves as victims of others. 

The solutions are only going to be found when people chose humility over pride, and forgiveness over getting even.

When people move towards understanding those who are different than they are.

When those who have opportunity to oppress others chose instead to elevate others, regardless of who they are.

When those who have been miss-treated chose to forgive and release past hurts instead of demanding justice and retribution.

If you made it this far in these comments; I have a question for you... Can you honestly look at your own life and recognize what is driven by pride and what is motivated by humility? Have you asked God to help you kill the selfishness in your life and replace it with love? I dare you to open yourself up to God's Spirit and ask Him to change the way you see the people around you.

Floyd Yutzy