This is week two of a five part series I’m planning to unpack a series that I’m calling the “Five Fails of Spiritual Battle” Every Christian faces battles in the spiritual realm and no one should go into battle without a plan. But I’ve noticed that if we aren’t intentional about a good plan, we tend to default to a bad plan. Each of these is a strategy that falls into the category of “bad plan”.



It's been said that, "the most influential preacher in your life is you." It's true! The messages that we walk around replaying in our heads are the messages that shape us and our choices.  

II Corinthians 10:5 is in the context of a discussion on spiritual warfare; and Paul gives them this strategy of, "taking their thoughts captive and bringing them into the obedience of Christ." In other words, if you let your mind run freely, you'll lose most of the battles you fight.

We cannot afford to let our thoughts go anywhere that our emotions tell them to go. If we're angry at someone, we tend to walk around imagining all the stuff that we'd like to say to them. If we're attracted to someone we can walk around imagining all the things we'd like to do with them. If we're greedy we walk around imagining how much better our life be if we just had more money. The list could go on and on of sins that start in our minds and become strongholds because we entertain the thoughts and eventually act upon our thoughts.

Scientists tell us that we create responsive highways in our brains that become our default settings unless they're changed. These highways can be changed by choosing not to travel them. That literally means that we choose to take a wrong thought captive and push it back out of our mind. 

The best word picture I've heard is to treat those sinful thoughts like touching a hot stove. If we touched a hot stove, we'd instantly yank our hand back and that's how those thoughts should be treated as well. If we decide to let our emotions run our thought for just a little bit, they can quickly grow into actions.

So I challenge you to honestly assess your life. Ask God to give you the power to control your thoughts and bring them into alignment with Jesus. If you do, you'll be able to enjoy freedom and victory in the battles you face.

Floyd Yutzy