Over the next five weeks I’m planning to unpack a series that I’m calling the “Five Fails of Spiritual Battle” Every Christian faces battles in the spiritual realm and no one should go into battle without a plan. But I’ve noticed that if we aren’t intentional about a good plan, we tend to default to a bad plan. Each of these is a strategy that falls into the category of “bad plan”.

You might be saying, “why go negative? You should give positive reasons for success ” The reason I’m “going negative” is that sometimes we don’t recognize our bad tendencies until someone points them out with clarity. There are other things that could be added to the list, but these are the five big ones that I see us all dealing with. 


The first bad strategy is when we use our feet before our knees. In other words, we spring into action before we take time to pray.

The two battles we most commonly resort to, with this bad plan are: battles for someone we love and important decisions we must make.

We see something in one of our family members or a fault in a friend’s life and we just know that someone should point out their wrong. So we rush in with our opinions about their behavior and all of the problems with it. Obviously there’s a time to address stuff in other’s lives, but it should follow a lot of prayer. Prayer that asks God to get our heart and motives right and prayer that asks God to prepare them to hear us.

The second battle we tend to rush into is decisions that loom ahead. We tend to have an inflated view of our own ability to see what’s really going on. Sometimes we make terrible decisions because we’re blind to what’s really surrounding the situation. We need to be asking God to show us our own motives and to give us the wisdom to make the best decision.

Usually we start praying after we’ve already rushed in and it didn’t end well. Now we’re begging God to clean up the mess. James 1:5 tells us that if we find ourselves needing wisdom, we're supposed to ask God for wisdom and He will give generously. There is no promise, anywhere in scripture, of divine wisdom for people who never ask. 

So get on your knees before you move your feet. Ask God to guide your steps and trust that He will do exactly that. When you do, you'll find protection from the lies of the enemy and the security of living in God's will.

Floyd Yutzy