One of the most recent pop culture terms that has become a part of our daily conversation is “Fake News”. In its purest use, it describes those stories that are created by people to look like real news but are actually intended to mislead people. The stories range from completely bogus to a mixture of fact and fiction.

Because of the sheer mass of false information floating around the internet, the term “fake news” entered our vocabulary and now the term gets applied to any piece of news that doesn’t affirm the reader’s personal biases. So if someone doesn’t like a story they can just dismiss it as “fake news”.

The other problem with having so much fake news floating around is that nobody knows for sure when to trust a story as real news. Unless you were literally an eyewitness of an event, you can’t know for sure if the story you’re being told is accurate or not. Someone who claims that a story is “definitely true” because they read it on the internet is in the same category as people who hunt for Sasquatches.

I’ve noticed that we are rapidly becoming a culture of cynics who mistrust any news. Some cynicism is necessary to avoid getting bamboozled by slick talking people; but cynicism can easily become the lenses we view all of life through. It’s possible to become so skeptical that we reject truth as easily as we reject fiction.

Cynicism is one of the toughest shells for truth to break through. Scripture calls it unbelief. It’s the refusal to believe the words of Jesus Christ in some pseudo-sophisticated skepticism. It seems childish to simply believe, and we try to avoid looking childish, but we become practical unbelievers.

Maybe that’s what Jesus was envisioning when He told His disciples that unless we come as a child, we won’t be able to come at all. He knows that we have to choose to believe the good news of that transforming gospel in order to be changed by it.

Do your best to avoid getting caught up in “fake news”, but don’t allow your heart to become hardened to the truth of God’s word in the process. The truth really does set us free when we know it and believe it!

Floyd Yutzy