We are in Holy Week. Assuming you know that Holy week is that week between Palm Sunday & Easter. This is week that is set aside to remember the events of Jesus' final week before the crucifixion. 

I remember a number of years ago when "The Passion" movie came out and our family sat down to watch it on Good Friday evening. The thing I remember the most is when the scene was being played out of the whipping of Jesus; one of my little girls crawled into my lap, buried her head in my chest and sobbed. Her little heart broke at the sight of Jesus being beaten and so miss-treated. 

Up to that point I hadn't thought much about how the events of Holy Week looked from the eyes of a child. But since then I've often wondered how those scenes affected the children of that day. Scripture doesn't say a lot about the children in that week, but there are some clues here and there.

We all know that children found Jesus irresistible. (Much to the dismay of His disciples) But there are several other mentions of children that lead me to believe that they were there, pushing through the crowds to see what was going on, wide eyed at what people were doing to their beloved Jesus, and broken-hearted to see their hero beaten and put to death.

They were there on Palm Sunday singing and waving branches. Several days later, were they there to hear the adults screaming, "His blood be on us and our children"? They were certainly in the crowd headed toward Golgotha, when Jesus looked at the weeping women and told them not to weep for Him, but to weep for the children. Imagine their excitement when they heard that Jesus had risen from the dead. Their Hero was alive!

Children love amazing stories of good conquering evil. But don't we all? The problem is that life happens, we get disappointed a few times, and cynicism starts wrapping it's claws around our faith. We stop believing in fairy tale endings... but we shouldn't.

The good news of the resurrection is that our story doesn't end in disappointment, defeat, and death. The scene of our earthly lives will end with the beginning of a new scene. A scene with a new body, a new heart, a new heaven, and a new earth. We will finally experience the perfect fulfillment of every desire we've ever had. 

Paul wrote in I Corinthians 15:14 that if the resurrection isn't real then our faith is in vain. Jesus said that people who come into His kingdom need to come like children. Children who still believe in perfect endings. Children who love Jesus for who He really is. Children who know that they are weak and don't have all the answers. 

This Easter, let's allow God to break through the layers of cynicism and let's celebrate the amazing hope that we have in Jesus Christ!

Floyd Yutzy