Legend has it that the during the pioneer days, the most common method of travel westward was the stagecoach. Supposedly the limited seat space required putting some rules in place. Passengers who took up too much space were not allowed to ride the stage coach out west. The hip width measurement was used to determine whether they could buy a seat on the stagecoach or not. Hence the term: "There's no west for the reary".

OK - Lame joke. I admit it. 

I've been thinking about seasons of weariness recently, because I'm in one. Having seasons of weariness is typical for everyone, but those seasons need to come to an end or they become lifestyles.

Jesus said, "Come to Me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest" (Matt 11:28) If we don't want our times of weariness to become lives of defeat, we are invited to come to Him. We can't work our way our of weariness, but we can rest our way out of weariness. Rest is found in the security of a close relationship with Jesus Christ. Taking time to be still and let Him speak to our hearts.

If you find yourself in a weary season, would you prioritize some time in the next several days and intentionally spend time with Jesus? Stop and rest in His presence. Take a deep breath and rest! He want's to give us rest if we'll slow down enough to receive it.

Floyd Yutzy