If you were at Cornerstone last Sunday, you heard us announce that we are setting up a building fund with the hopes that God will provide a building for us in His time. If you would like to make a special contribution to that fund, you can earmark a donation with "Building Fund" on an envelope and place it in the tithe box on a Sunday morning. 

As the leadership team was discussing the possibilities recently, Wanda Stutzman shared about a book that she has been reading with her girls about the life of George Mueller. I asked her to write her thoughts down and I have that included below. 


"If you were an Englishman, Mr. Mueller,” began another woman in a proud voice, “you would know this type of thing is not possible in England. It is not the way we do things here. Perhaps asking God to supply all your needs is the way things are done in Prussia, but not here.” 

George looked her in the eye. “I believe God is our provider wherever we live,” he said kindly, thinking to himself that this was one of the reasons he was starting an orphanage- to show people that God does indeed provide. -excerpt from George Mueller by Geoff and Janet Bange 

Many of you know the story of George Mueller, who as a young man was every parent’s worst nightmare. He stole, gambled, drank profusely, and squandered his wealthy father’s resources. His “claim to fame” was the fact that he rarely got caught. He would steal from his friends, right under their noses, and they never knew. But one time, he did get caught, and spent 24 days in jail, right over Christmas, until his father bailed him out. 

When God got a hold of George’s life, he made a radical, almost overnight change, and never went back to his old lifestyle. 

Pastoring a church as a newly married man was a new adventure for George. Their financial support came entirely from “pew rent”, which was the practice of renting out the pews to the parishioners on Sunday mornings. George was troubled by this practice because it separated the rich from the poor, (the ‘cheap’ seats were in the back) and kept some people from church altogether. In a bold act of faith, he and his wife gave up their salary and committed themselves to trusting God alone for their financial needs. This began a wild journey of faith and one that we all remember George for. He eventually opened up multiple orphanages and never asked for a cent from anyone, only God. There was always enough money, at the exact moment it was needed.

I’ve been reading this story to my girls recently and we have been so moved by the provision of God for one man who completely trusted Him. 

what if God wants to write a miracle story of provision for Cornerstone Community Church? What if all He needs are people full of faith, willing to pray and ask?

I could give you a list of reasons why we could benefit from our own facility. You could probably come up with a list of your own. But ultimately, I believe that God is able to give us exactly what we need, when we need it.

Will you join us in praying a simple prayer of faith for His will to be accomplished concerning a building for our church?

Wanda Stutzman