This week we're going to continue looking at how the followers of Christ overcome their spiritual enemies. I wanted to be very clear that all spiritual victory is only possible by the "Blood of The Lamb" because sometimes the rest of the verse is taught in a way that places all the responsibility on our works to experience victory. It's true that our decisions have a huge impact on our freedom, but without grace actively working in our lives, we don't have the power to make the right decisions and carry them out.


 After the blood of the Lamb is given as the foundation for being an "over-comer" the next key is “the word of their testimony”. This is about so much more than giving a public statement of our experience with God. Those times can be good, but it’s really about living a life that makes a bold statement, to everyone, that we have been changed by the power of Christ working in us. It’s a life that declares our loyalties and faith to everyone watching and it strips our enemies of their power.


How many times have we been vulnerable to the lies of the enemy because we've been timid about our faith? Maybe we've been turned off by abrasive Christians who are loud about their faith but they're obnoxious or maybe we're just afraid of what people will say about us. Either way, our hesitation to be bold in living out our faith is motivated by self-preservation and is driven by the fear of people. When the fear of people's opinions is stronger than our trust in God, we give the enemy a powerful tool to control our lives with. He can influence everything we do by telling us that people will reject us if we live out our faith.


The answer isn't in being more afraid of God than we are of people. The answer is in trusting God more than we fear people. Can I trust Him to take me through any circumstance of life that might come as a result of my "testimony"? Does my life make the bold statement that He can be trusted?


to be continued...


Have a great week!

Floyd Yutzy