The past several weeks we’ve been digging into that verse in Revelations 12:11 where it describes the “overcomers” as people who overcame their enemy “by the blood of The Lamb and by the word of their testimony and they did not love their lives, even unto death” In the past two weeks we’ve talked about the complete work of the cross and the power of a life lived as a testimony to God’s power.

 The last reason for being overcomers is “they loved not their lives, even unto death”. This one is the gaping weak spot for so many of us. We’re hard wired to protect our lives and look out for number one. We have our perfect life pictured in our heads and anyone who messes up that picture is met with our anger. How many times has the enemy found access into our lives, our homes, our marriages, and our churches because of our pride and self-preservation?

 The enemy has very little power to deceive people who are humble; people who care more about others than they do themselves. We are most vulnerable to the enemy's lies when we are most selfish. The enemy fears people who have a simple trust in God because their faith rests in who God is, not in their comfort level. He doesn’t care that much about our comfort level, our health, or the size of our bank account. He is always after our faith. He uses those other things to attack our faith.

 We are always under an attack. When times are good, we’re tempted to be proud. When times are bad, we start doubting God’s goodness. In both cases we need to get over ourselves and remind ourselves that it’s not our life to keep. Next time you’re battling anger, lust, pride, greed, malice, or depression think about how it would change if you abandoned yourself to God and trusted Him with your future. If we completely trusted God fear would have no power over us.

 What if we prayed something like this?, “Jesus, I believe that you have defeated sin and death once and for all. I believe that your power can change my life. I surrender my life to you and trust you with every detail of my future.” If we pray that way in faith we can join the overcomers!

Floyd Yutzy